In cooperation with Värmlandsgården we can offer a 2-day canoe trip, which starts at camping "Värmlandsgården" and which ends at our B&B Hotel!

You will camp 1 night in the open air and 1 night in our B&B Hotel (including breakfast of course). Upon arrival at our mansion you will be served an evening meal (main course and dessert), which perhaps you will appreciate after 2 days of canoeing. 
After a splendid breakfast buffet yiu will be picked up and transferred back to Värmlandsgården where your car is probably parked.

It is also possible to do the trip in 1 day, skipping the overnight camping. 

Ideal for starters, for a weekend out (with the family) or simply as a short break/activity during your vacation in Sweden.

PRICE: SEK 1995 (for 2 persons)

Included in the price:

  • Canoe (incl. paddels, canoe cart, life jackets, watertight barrel, rope, folding spade, sponge, garbage bags, route description)
  • 1 night outside in the nature 
  • Evening meal (incl. 1 drink) for 2 persons on arrival at the mansion
  • 1 night (incl. breakfast) in a twin-room at Geijersholms Herrgård
  • Transfer back to Värmlandsgården

For more information, prices and for bookings you can contact Värmlandsgården, but you can of course also contact us through email or by phone.

Canoe tour
Dinner at our place can perhaps be Chicken pasta
A good night sleep at the Mansion