Corona (COVID-19) viruset

Given the prevailing situation around the Corona (COVID-19) virus, we would like to stress that you can feel safe and secure with us:
  • We are a small hotel (without staff) with a total of 5 rooms for 9 up to max. 12 guests. 
  • The hotel is our private home, which we would like to present to our guests in the best possible way. Therefore, daily cleaning of all our rooms is a top-priority to ensure a clean and welcoming environment.  
  • Handsoap is available in all rooms. 
  • Evening meals are always prepared individually for all our guests. 
  • The hotel is located close to Hagfors, but still in a forest environment. Here you can find peace and quiet with very few people being about. 
  • Cancelations can always be done free of charge until further notice. 
    (does NOT apply to bookings via bookingchannels, e.g., Expedia, etc.)

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, so that you can feel safe and secure with your booking with us. Call +46 (0)79-0791424 or send us an email.