In and around Hagfors there are various options for day-excursions, (nature & outdoor) activities and unique sights. Here is a selection, a complete list is available at Visit Hagfors. Of course you can also contact us for information, while there are several brochures in your room for inspiration.


Get in close contact with the king of the forest. Learn all about them from moose experts.
Can be combined to a full day excursion with a canoe trip on the Klarälven.


Watching moose in their natural environment is one of the most impressive experiences in the wilderness we can offer!
The safari starts early in the evening and takes 4 - 4.5 hours.


A 10 m high waterfall with a deep canyon created for thousands of years by the power of nature.
Here you can wander around, have a picnic and hike a shorter or longer trail (Halgåleden).


In Hagfors, there are many hiking trails in different environments. You can go through marshes, visit nature reserves, hike to the View Tower or take a guided tour in the forest. Click on the image to explore the different options!


Old steam locomotives, electric locomotives, wagons and work tools are shown here. You can board locomotives and carriages and feel the atmosphere of yesteryear.
The dressage track between Hagfors Railway Museum and Stjärnsfors Kvarn is a scenic experience, 12 kilometers round trip.


Ekshärad's church from the 17th century has many objects from the 13th century. There are also unique forged grave crosses in the cemetery.
Ekshärad has also one of the few stave churches in Sweden, even though it is a copy.
Do not miss the homestead ...


This cycle path takes you from Karlstad to Uddeholm over the old railway embankment (90 km paved). From Uddeholm, the trail goes 120 km to Sysslebäck, along the Klarälven over asphalt and gravel roads in Värmland's northern wilderness.


There are many bathing places to choose from in Hagfors municipality, even a sandy beach called Värmlands riviera.
With a fishing license you can enjoy fine fishing in more than 100 waterways. Everything from perch, pike, char, trout to salmon etc.

Around the Manor you can walk different loops, ranging from 1 to several kilometers, through the forest, along lakes and the Uvån river & canal. They are unmarked, but we are happy to give advice and show you where to go.

A few hundred meters from the B&B Hotel you will find a large lake. Here you can picnic, fish and even take a dip. Or you just muse at the edge and enjoy nature. The lake is also the end point of the canoe trip.
If you walk along the canal that starts from the lake and go all the way to the end, you come to an old power station called Malta. Behind the station there is a nice lookout point over Uvån. You can go back to the manor  through the forest over a path where there was a small railroad in the 19th century when Geijersholm was still a mining community with its own smithy.

Within 1 hour from the manor there are several resorts for alpine and cross-country skiing.

  • Säfsen: in Dalarna but only 45 minutes from Herrgården
  • Branäs: a typical ski resort for the family
  • Hovfjället: a calmer alternative in Torsby
  • Kalhyttan in Filipstad, perfect for a lot of cross-country skiing
  • Sunne
Maybe you don't want to pay dearly for staying at the resort itself or you want to avoid a lot of people or you want to try different facilities or maybe it is fully booked .... then staying with us is the perfect choice! Combine it with a local winter activity (for example snowshoe hiking or dog sledding) for a wonderful winter experience.