We will serve a rich continental breakfast buffet each morning! 

  • Breakfast buffet
  • Breakfast room
  • Breakfast room
  • Breakfast room

You can almost always find the following on the buffet:

  • Drinks: coffee, tea, orangejuice, milk and cacao. 
  • Yoghurt: plain and with fruit
  • Boiled egg
  • 4 kinds of cereal/müsli
  • Bread: regular brown, toast/white, round bread, grain bread and fresh buns or a whole loaf plus 3 kind of Swedish knäckebröd (crackers) 
  • Cold cuts: ham, salami, cervelat, paté, chikcken/turkey plus 3 kinds of cheese (gouda, priest and herrgård). There are also 3 kinds of jam (strawberry, raspberry and apricot), nutella, peanutbutter and a Swedish kaviarspread ("Kalles") 
  • Sallad: cucumber, paprika and tomato.
  • Butter, fruit, majsbiscuit and some cookies 
If you would like something else, please let us know and we can perhaps add it to the buffet. 

>>> Let us know in good time if you have any food allergies or diets, in which case we can accommodate accordingly.

Price: ALLWAYS included in your room price