Perhaps you have had a long journey or perhaps you just want to relax after a long day. And having pizza every time could be boring. In that case we offer the possibility to enjoy a simple evening meal with us! Included will be a main course and a dessert of our choice.

Please note that:

  • We need to know latest one day prior to your arrival, or at breakfast the same day, whether you wish to have an evening meal with us and at what time.
  • Let us know about any allergies, diets or whether you are a vegetarian. This can best be done at the same time when booking for the evening meal.
  • If you like us to prepare something specific, then you can talk to us about that so that we can adapt (if possible) and comply to your wishes. This can influence the price though.

Price: 175 SEK per person, excl. refreshments.

Chicken with eggnoodles in a soja sauce, omelet & sallad
Salmon in a dill hollandaise sauce, pommes frites & broccoli
Home made chocolate mousse