Perhaps you have had a long journey or perhaps you just want to relax after a long day. And having pizza every time could be boring. In that case we offer the possibility to enjoy an entirely homecooked evening meal with us! Included will be sallad, a main course and a dessert of our choice.

Please note that:

  • We need to know latest one day prior to your arrival, or at breakfast on the same day, whether you wish to have an evening meal with us and at what time.
  • Let us know about any allergies, diets, whether you are a vegetarian or vegan etc.. This can best be done at the same time when booking for the evening meal.
  • We do not have a menu! 
    If you have wishes on what you would like to eat, then please tell us about that and we will happily take that with us in the planning for your dinner. It is also possible to order different dishes (for example if one person is vegetarian and the other not), order different food for children etc.. As long as we know about this in advance we will be happy to accommodate any wishes you may have.

Price: 195 SEK per person, excl. drinks.
Children 0-2 years eat for free. Children until the age of 12 typically eat for half-price. 

There is a microwave in the breakfast room, where you can warm food that you brought yourself.  It is also possible to order pizza, hamburger etc. and have it delivered to our B&B. Ask us for details and how to go about it.
You can then enjoy your meal in our breakfast room, on your room, in front of the TV or why not outside in the garden (weather permitting)!

We can make you a hamburger (with fries, bacon and/or cheese) or pasta on short notice but cannot guarantee this (price: SEK 150, excl. refreshments).

Examples of what dishes we can cook for you:

Chocolate Mousse
Dutch-style meatballs with cauliflower and fried potatoes, fried mushrooms and a rich brown sauce
Dinner being prepared! Chickenfilet with broccoli & baked potato and currysauce
Salmon in a dill hollandaise sauce, pommes frites & broccoli
Pasta Carbonara